Class 1 Week 7 Animation Mentor

This weeks lecture talked about spline editing in the graph editor. Basic controls and Maya options for editing tangents and so on. I was already very familiar with the graph editor.
For the assignment, we had to option to animate the character "One Leg" doing a single jump up and down. Or we could animation the character "Tailor" doing three hops. I chose the "Tailor" Animation.

The "Tailor" character has 5 controls to animate the ball of the body and the 3 sections of the tail.
I planned out my animation with more detail this time around. I used a lot of reference from the Ice Age movies, several real life squirrel footage.

"Tailor" Assignment Planning

I animated the ball first completely, while hiding the tail geometry. With S&S, rotations, and I also spent  a lot of time on the arcs on the bounces, as well as the spacing.
I varied the bounces slightly by the height and distance of them. If they were exactly the same it would look too linear.

This is the final animation. I am very happy with the final result!